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The Response Team Inc - Providing you peace of mind..... sense of calm.The Response Team Inc.

Providing you peace of mind..... sense of calm.


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To provide you with timely, professional, and responsible direction and manpower before, during and after an incident.


Together with our team of consultants we bring our vision to you:

Providing you peace of mind – A sense of calm.

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The Response Team

The Response Team brings over 100 years of combined experience with its team of Emergency Management, Business Continuity, Safety Management and Response professionals. The company was developed to serve individuals, families, small and medium sized businesses because so few companies out there want to deal with “The little guy”. This is why we are here….to be there for you!

Michael Curtis - President of The Response Team

Michael Curtis, our President, brings over 25 years of small family business, EMS, Food Processing, Oil and Gas, Remote wilderness emergency management experience to your desk.

Michael’s experience and training includes Type 3 Incident Management Team Role specific training as Incident Commander, Operations Section Chief and Planning Section Chief. This complements his experience as a Certified Business Continuity Manager, Emergency Operations Centre Specialist in Ops, Planning and Finance/Administration. In addition, Michael also has training and expertise in the following areas:

  • Instructor qualified to ICS 400 Level. Instructor Trainer at the 200 level.
  • Emergency Program Coordinator
  • Hazard Risk Vulnerability Analysis
  • Emergency Program Coordination and the Planning Process
  • Emergency Communications
  • Volunteer Organization Management

When not striving to ensure that his community is a safer place to live, he enjoys hockey; volunteering with various organizations both locally, and internationally; his amateur radio; and cheering for his beloved Calgary Flames & Stampeders.

Michael is an affiliated member of 401 Tactical Fighter Squadron. Go Rams!

Micheal Curtis as ICS 200 Train the Trainer Instructor in Pincher Creek, AB., 2016

Micheal Curtis as ICS 200 Train the Trainer Instructor in Pincher Creek, AB., 2016



Paulette Curtis

Paulette Curtis – Director – Paulette brings 20 years of experience in the architectural field to design fire and evacuation plans for your building.


Community Involvement

The Response Team is very involved in the community and believe in giving back.

Cheque donation to Albnerta Childrens Hospital

Michael Curtis (left) and Paulette Curtis (right) presented their cheque donation to Alberta Children's Hospital. Funds were raised from the Santa Project in 2014.

His appearance as Santa at various events throughout Southern Alberta raised $2,500 for the Alberta Children’s Hospital. All funds raised went to the hospital and Michael and his wife were very pleased to present this cheque.

This also included a tremendous donation of $750 from the great folks at Black Swan Energy who won the auction to shave "Santa’s" head and beard after the project was complete!

Micahel Curtis as Santa

Michael Curtis winning

Michael holding the Grey Cup his beloved Stamps won!!!!



The Response Team Inc - Providing you peace of mind..... sense of calm.

The Response Team Inc.

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